Class Descriptions

Easy Does It

This class is perfect for those who wish to experience the benefits of Yoga but who don't feel ready for our Level 1. We like to call this class our .75 level. Gentler than a level 1 class but still focusing on a strong foundation for the practice. Long warm ups on the floor to start, working up to standing postures and then a long cool down and stretch.

Level 1

These classes introduce breathing techniques, emphasize proper alignment, and are designed to give you a firm foundation on which your practice can flourish. Perfect for students who have never practiced yoga before, who are returning to yoga after a break, or regular practitioners looking to brush up on their fundamentals. An introduction to your inversion practice is presented.

Level 1-2

Level 1-2 classes will assume some working knowledge of the basic poses. There will be more of an emphasis on linking the poses in the sequence, and practicing holds, variations, and breathing techniques that challenge the student to go deeper. Students are expected to work at his or her own pace to get the most out of her practice and know the limits and needs of her body.

Rising Lotus Flow (2-3)

Our signature mixed level flow class. Poses are linked with the breath in these Vinyasa flow classes.

Dynamic and creative sequences are designed to create focus, wake the inner body and still the mind. Advanced poses may be given in these classes and modifications for the less experienced student. There may be music, chanting, Pranayama and Meditation.

Six months of asana practice preferred.

Lunchtime Flow

All the good stuff of a mixed level class in one hour.

Candlelit Flow

Is an all Level flow class open to students with skill levels ranging from having a solid basic practice to advanced students. Poses will start with a basic variation, and students can choose the variation and pace that works best for them. A sweet mellow flow class to help you wind down your evening.

Gentle & Therapeutics

Breathing, gentle stretching and movement for beginners or anyone seeking to heal through Yoga. These yoga techniques and practices are tailored to the health needs of the individual to promote overall mind-body wellness as well as assisting individuals facing health challenges at any level manage their condition, reduce symptoms, restore balance, increase vitality and improve attitude.

Iyengar, All Levels

Named after master Sri.B.K.S Iyengar this class pays greater attention to alignment with the utilization of props and precise actions int he body. It provides a good foundation for a beginner or an advanced student.

Yoga for Sleep

There is a lot to learn and discover in the subject of sleep. 
In this class we will use practical applications of the western science of sleep, wakefulness, non-rem, and rem and meet them with the eastern four fold path described in the Upanishads, wakefulness, dreaming, deep sleep and beyond sleep/ pure consciousness.
Finish your days tasks, take away all that disturbs you, get comfortable and let go.
The practice takes place in your bed and at the end of the hour as you fall into a deep slumber we will bid you adiu.
To prepare for class we suggest the following
4 pillows,
a light blanket or bedspread
dimmed  lights, 
a climate of 63-68 degrees
eye covering if your sensitive to light
socks if your feet get cold
We recommend you set your zoom settings to VIDEO OFF for your privacy and SPEAKER VIEW to see the suggested set ups and get visual cues if needed. 
Keep your sound at a good enough volume to hear, but not too loud that it disturbs.