The Foundation

Rising Lotus Yoga Teacher Training is based on the foundation of...

  • Purity of intention and action in our daily practice to develop meaning in our lives through compassion and selflessness toward others.
  • The practice of contentment and peace in response to the world around us in order to develop our ability to accept and enjoy exactly what is true and present in our lives, embracing the difficult as well as the joyful as our teachers.
  • Purification and healing of the body, mind and spirit through the "heat" of the practice of asana, pranayama, devotion and other practices.
  • The practice of self study, though meditation, inspiring texts and philosophy to develop the deep internal gaze needed to break free of the illusion of separateness and experience grace and union with all.
Isvara Pranidhana
  • Surrender to the divine presence that lies within all of us. In the practice of continued remembrance of this great truth we reveal and experience great Joy and Bhakti (devotion) in all of our actions and experiences.

Whether your interest is in teaching or simply deepening your experience and knowledge of Yoga and Self, we hope you'll join us on this exciting journey into the ancient science of Yoga!

After completion of both modules students will:

  • Have a deeper level of their own inner landscape and be able to apply Yogic philosophy and practice to their own self-growth and help others achieve the same.
  • Deepen their practice and knowledge of asana
  • Confidently teach a group class in any setting and help trainees acquire the skills to teach all levels of students in any setting.
  • Be able to create interesting and challenging sequences for all levels of students.
  • Deepen Your Practice - Know Your Self
  • Deepen your commitment to the journey of transformation, Self discovery and joy in the Rising Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Program. Whether you intend to share your practice as a teacher or personally want to expand your understanding of the ancient tradition of Yoga, our program explores the life-changing wisdom and the meaning of yoga as a life path and heart practice.

Our Program
* Join us for a free info session on December 8th at 12:30pm HERE

Our Program Is Broken Up Into Two Parts:

Module 1: Deepen Your Practice

A 7-week intensive that meets Friday evenings, Saturday & Sunday afternoons.

During this time you will study:



The Art of Sequencing


Energy Anatomy



Hands-on Adjustments

Practice Teaching

The first phase is 120 hours. Non-contact hours will include reading assignments and homework. Those wishing to complete our 200 hour certification in adherence to Yoga Alliance standards will enter an apprenticeship program.

Module 2: Teacher Training Certification

The second part is for all those wishing to continue on and receive the Rising Lotus Yoga 200 Hour Teaching Certification in adherence to the Yoga Alliance Standards.

The second module is an 80 hour program which includes:

A Mentor Program where trainees will be assigned to a senior teacher to assist them once a week for 20 sessions in the classroom.

Practice Teaching - Finding your authentic teaching voice. You will begin to refine your teaching skills consistently throughout this module

Voice Projection and presence

Use of Music

Preparing Dharma Lessons for your classes and how to thread them throughout your class to deepen the experience.

The Psychology of Teaching

Homework and reading assignments will be given.

Two workshops with guest teachers are required for completion and are not included in the price for Module 2


Claire Hartley

Claire Hartley, Director

Co-owner and co-founder of Rising Lotus, British born Yoga teacher Claire Hartley found her passion for the practice of Yoga in the early '90s at the Jivamukti Yoga Center in New York. Their signature style of vigorous flow, chanting, meditation and exploration of the ancient scriptures began to reveal that suffering could be relieved and that the divine was experiential and not just a concept to be studied and discussed. For that she is eternally grateful and humbled by all the teachers she has studied with.

Her first training program was in LA under the tutelage of Peri Doslu. Peri introduced her to Iyengar Yoga which has become an important part of her practice and her teaching. Claire also trained with Lisa Walford and Annie Carpenter at Yogaworks and completed a six month apprenticeship with Lisa.

She remains an ardent fan and disciple of Vinyasa flow for its ability to touch the moving prayer that is always singing inside and step into union with the higher Self.

In April 2006 she opened the Rising Lotus Yoga Studio on Ventura Blvd., in Sherman Oaks with her good friend and colleague Daniel Stewart.

Claire created the Rising Lotus Teacher Training program in 2008, and is the director of both the program and Rising Lotus Yoga.

Daniel Stewart

Daniel Stewart, Philosophy

Co-owner and co-founder of Rising Lotus, Daniel is dedicated to the practice of being fully alive in each moment. His playful, heart- centered teaching combines alignment, meditative breath and spirit, in dynamic vinyasa-flow classes that encourage students to reconnect to themselves, creating energy for renewal and joy.

In 1995, after a life changing injury, Daniel completed teacher training with Mati Ezrati and Lisa Walford at the original Yoga Works in Los Angeles. He has been teaching ever since at studios like Santa Monica Yoga, Sacred Movement in Venice and Yoga works Montana, Westwood and Main St. In 2005, he left Yoga Works to open Rising Lotus Yoga with his close friend and colleague Claire Hartley.

Daniel has a Masters in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Jungian and Depth studies. He currently works as a mind body psychotherapist in private practice in Sherman Oaks and Santa Monica with a focus on integration, individuation and transformation.

Daniel leads the philosophy module of the RLY teacher training. He incorporates eastern philosophy, depth psychology, poetry and laughter in his teaching to create a stimulating environment where students can explore the intersection between eastern and western models of transformation - experientially and theoretically.

Russ Pfeiffer

Russ Pfeiffer, Anatomy

Russ has studied ex- extensively at various institutions including the Rolf Institute, the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego and the Esalen Institute in Big Sur. He is a certified master rolfer and has two certifications as a rolf movement practitioner (with Monica Caspari of Brasil and Hubert Godard of France). He continues his study regularly with Godard.

His yoga studies, mostly through the Iyengar system, have nonetheless been comprehensive and diverse within a variety of styles His method is grounded in sound anatomical understanding, integrating movement modalities such as Tai Chi, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique and Continuum Movement.

He currently has a private practice in Venice, California, where he works with individuals through rolfing, movement and yoga therapy. He conducts independent advanced yoga and movement trainings and experiential anatomy classes for teacher trainings nation wide. He lectures regularly on the evolution of human movement for the Anthropology Dept. at LA City Community College and has taught at the University of CA Irvine and the Rolf Institute.

Micki Duran

Micki Duran, Guest Teacher

Micki completed the 200 hour teacher training program with Rising Lotus Yoga and her 300 hour with Noah Maze. She believes with all her heart that we are all beautiful and lovable and worthy of great things.

Nina Siemaszko

Nina Siemaszko, Guest Teacher

Nina Siemaszko loves yoga.

Starting her journey with Claire and Daniel in the RLY 200 hour program she is mentored by Senior Iyengar teacher Manouso Manos and travels to India to study with Usha Devi and the Iyengar Family.

She is part of the Teacher Training staff at Rising Lotus Yoga and donates her time to the women in Chino prison. If your new or if you have been practicing for some time, Nina will welcome you to your mat. She's a teacher who believes you can do anything and breaks every pose down so you believe you can do it too. She also believes that the body is but one part of the bigger picture and that the work we do on the mat translates to how we exist in the world.

Nina's compassion will welcome you, her energy will inspire you, and her enthusiasm will motivate you. Asana, the Philosophy and Science of Yoga and music are the mainstays of her classes. You will be challenged, learn, and have a lot of fun. When she is not on the mat she is hiking the mountains with her dog Snickers and eating tacos.

Insta/Twitter @mssiemaszko



Students should have a year of consistent practice and meet with directors of the program to receive approval.


Fridays: 6-9pm Saturdays; 1.30-6.30pm Sundays:1:00-6.00pm Students who complete Modules 1 & 2 will receive a Certificate and Letter of Completion which they can use to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 level

Please pick up an application at the studio, download one here or have one sent to you by email at

Once filled out, please attend one of the teacher trainers classes and get signed off.


Part 1 Deepen your Practice

February 14th-March 27th 2020 for 7 Weekends

Fridays, 6-9pm
Saturdays, 1:30-6:30pm
Sundays, 1:00-6:00pm

$2250 before Dec 22nd 2019 $2350 after
(Includes unlimited classes at Rising Lotus Yoga)


Part 2 The Seat of the Teacher

April 17th - May 10th, 2020 for 4 weekends

Fridays, 6-9pm
Saturdays, 1:30-6:30pm
Sundays, 1:00-6:00pm

$700 before February 15th $800 after
payment plan available
(Includes unlimited classes)

$500 non-refundable deposit required to hold your spot once accepted. Please pick up an application at the studio, download one here or have one sent to you by email at Attend a class with either Claire or Daniel to get your application signed off.


"My experience with Tt at rising lotus was life changing. I already had a strong physical practice, but I needed to learn to listen to my body. My spiritual practice grew the most, I began to reveal my behavioral patterns, I learned to be kind to myself, I applied positive thinking to my mind chatter. I am so grateful to have gone thru teacher training at rising lotus because Claire and Daniel make an amazing team, they both have so much knowledge and heart, two things I find very important. My journey has just begun as a teacher and I already feel so blessed to share what I have learned as I continue to grow." - Micki Duran Graduate 2009

"The tools I've taken away from this program are essential to the way I know I want to live life, regardless of my venture into teaching! I wouldn't pass up this profound experience for anything... and would even consider doing it again. Claire and Daniel bring such consciousness and insight through their teaching, which has a way of revealing new perspectives on and off the mat, forever evolving people for the better. The time spent in the program also fosters the growth of a new loving community, nurturing the learning environment and encouraging each student's expansion. Whether learning to teach or just deepening your own practice, soak this knowledge up like a sponge to cultivate meaningful transformation... mentally, emotionally, spiritually!" - Emily Chrietzberg Graduate 2008

"Before making my final decision about what training I was going to take, I went to a class taught by Claire, another by Daniel, and one taught by a recent graduate of the program. I was so impressed with all 3 that I knew immediately this was the place I needed to be! I did my research, and I was not disappointed!

I learned so much more than I had expected. My practice has improved immensely, and I learned so much about the philosophy side of yoga that I didn't know before. I came out of the program stronger not only physically, but mentally as well and with many new friends and a new studio I can call home.

Claire and Daniel have a style of teaching that broadened so much for me and the way I now think about yoga. They instill a further want for learning and are very supportive in wherever I want to go with my practice, whether it's teaching or just joining them for a class on my mat.

Truly was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend Rising Lotus Teacher Training!" -Lisa Silver Graduate 2014

"I signed up for training to simply deepen my understanding of my Yoga practice. I had often felt a tremendous amount of something happening as I stretched, breathed, and got strong on my mat. I was curious - Why? What is that? How come? I was hoping to get some understanding of it. I got so much more. Daniel and Claire create such a comfortable place to explore and learn. I grew spiritually, deepening my practice, broadening my understanding of myself in the world - on and beyond my mat, as I absorbed the wealth of information presented through the course work. I am excited to continue my education, teaching being a portion of that practice." - Dorit Hurst Graduate 2014