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  • How do I take an online class with Rising Lotus Yoga?

    To take a class with us, you must create an account on two websites: WellnessLiving (If you have an account with our SC location or another studio, you will need to create an account with OUR studio)

    and Zoom

    First, you will need to click HERE to create an account on our WellnessLiving page in order to access and purchase class packages and memberships. Click “Store” on the top banner and either purchase one class, purchase a class package, or sign up for one of our membership offers. From there, go to “Book Now” on the top banner to open our schedule. Click “Book Now” next to the class you wish to attend! After booking, check your confirmation email for our Zoom room information.

    *Please note: once a class begins, you cannot book it! Please book your class at least 30 minutes in advance so you receive our Zoom link and password, otherwise you may not be able to join the class. Also be sure your email notifications are turned on before purchasing a class! We may not be able to re-send you the confirmation email in time to take your class, if you have emails turned off.*

    Second, our live online classes are currently supported by Zoom. You will need to create an account with them by clicking HERE

  • How do I access Lotus on Demand archived classes?

    Protip: All Rising Lotus Yoga monthly memberships have complimentary access to Namastream!

    MONTHLY MEMBERS: If you already reached out to us for access, simply login on Namastream by clicking HERE.

    MEMBERS: you do NOT already have access to Namastream: Create a Namastream account by clicking HERE and then email us We will grant you access to Lotus on Demand after you create your Namastream account!

    NON-MONTHLY MEMBERS (and do not want to sign up for a monthly membership):  you can create an account on our Namastream Website by clicking HERE. From there you can purchase one month’s access or a recurring subscription to our Lotus on Demand.

    We have hundreds of classes available for you to practice, wherever and whenever on YOUR time. We also have workshops available! Lotus on Demand is constantly growing.

  • Do you have an app I can use to make signing in easier?


    If you search “Rising Lotus Yoga” in your App Store, you will see our logo on an orange icon. You can sign in with your WellnessLiving login and access everything our website has to offer including our schedule, workshops, and our store! You can sign into your classes on-the-go with one press of a button and use it to sync up with your personal calendar.

    *Make sure within the app, if you are changing settings, that you are turning your email notifications ON so that you receive the confirmation emails for your booked classes that contain the Zoom link.*

  • What’s the difference between a Class Package and a Membership?

    A class package is simply that — just a finite number of classes that you have to use within 6 months. There is no extra access or benefits, these are just class passes you purchase in advance. Packages CAN be shared between two people. Our monthly membership is a recurring membership that includes full access to our Online Live Classes AND our Lotus On Demand (Namastream) class archive. 

  • How long do I have to use all the classes in my class pack?

    You have 6 months to use your classes in your class pack.

  • I am not sure if a membership works for me, or if I should go with a class package.. what should I do?

    Reach out to us at and we will be able to work with you on figuring out what your practice needs are, how it works with your schedule, and find the best plan for you! We have many options available that can work with your lifestyle and your current place in your practice.

  • I need to cancel an upcoming class. What can I do?

    If you are unable to attend a class, you can cancel your class  up to an hour before the class start time though the scheduling app. If you using a single class or a class pack, the class will be returned to your account for future use. 

  • I need to cancel an upcoming workshop. What can I do?

    All workshop purchases are Non- Refundable. You must alert us of your request at least 48 hours prior to the event in order to receive a studio credit for your attendance.  If  cancelling after the 48 hours policy, no studio credit will be available. 

  • I’m a member and would like a friend to take an online class with me. What do you offer ?

    We offer a special 14 day access pass to the friends and family of our monthly members, who have never been here before.   Please e-mail us at at least 3 business days before the class you wish to attend with your friend’s full name and email. We will take care of it from there!

  • I need help! What I need is not here, can you help me?

    Please email us for any and all inquiries! 

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