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Adventures in Handstand workshop Series with Micki Duran

Handstand 101 - Saturday May 21th

$50 early bird pricing available through May 20th

Learn how to stand on your hands at the wall. We will do plenty of prep work before approaching going upside down into handstand. Level 1-2 students *must be able to hold downdog for 1 min*

Handstand Skills and drills - Saturday May 28th

$50 early bird pricing available through May 27th

Learn different approaches to getting into handstands, both at the wall or in the center of the room. Through repeated drills, you’ll learn the balance between playfulness, dedication, and discipline. Level 2/3 students

Summer Flourish Series - Workshop No. 1, Core Awakenings with Stacy Jackson

Saturday June 4th, $50 early bird pricing available through June 3rd