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Handstand goals with Micki Duran Saturday, April 13th 12:30-3pm

You want to get up into a handstand?

Discover Tricks and Tips to help you reach your handstand goals.

Whether you're a beginner struggling to get upside down or looking to refine your technique, this workshop is for you!

Explore different methods and approaches to handstand, and gain the confidence you need to take your practice to new heights.

Thai Yoga Massage with Rose Moran Saturday, April 27th 12:30-2:30pm

Must sign up with a partner

Experience a deep connection with Self and Other.

You and your plus one will take turns to give and receive a massage. Each giver will be guided throughout the massage. The giver uses gentle pressure and a rocking method.

You don't need any massage experience. Massage is received by the giver's hands, and the receiver is fully clothed.

For the giver.

Enhances meditation and concentration. Awakens, compassion, and loving kindness. Deepens the connection between body, mind, and spirit.

For Couples.

Creates a space to enhance loving care and kindness.

Creates time for each other.

Encourages deep listening and mindful touch.

Restore Your Rest with Emily Broms Saturday, May 11th 12:30-2:30pm

Many of us suffer from sleep disorders or interrupted sleep leaving us feeling exhausted, irritable, and frustrated come morning.

Restorative sleep is essential for our overall well-being. This workshop will support you in reconnecting to your Empowered Rested Self by creating a personal sleep routine, learning new techniques for falling asleep, and yogic practices to remind you of what rest feels like.

Walk away with:

A rested mind and body

A rest practice recording

A sleep hygiene checklist

Please Bring:

A journal

Comfortable clothes

Optional: a pillow and/or blanket from home, an eye pillow

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