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Ecstatic Kirtan on Sept 9th is Postponed Rescheduled for Sept 30th! Saturday 7:30pm

The Ecstatic Kirtan with Daniel Stewart & Friends is being rescheduled from Sat Sept 9th to Sept 30th.

A message from Daniel:

"Hi Yogis. Sorry to say I finally came down with covid. I’m recovering quickly and will be fine by Sunday. But just to be certain and safe, and to have time to prepare properly, I’m rescheduling our Kirtan to SEPTEMBER 30TH.

I’ve been so excited to finally sing again - so I’m disappointed - but I look forward to singing end of the month. I hope you can join us then. Sending love. Daniel"

Restore, Recharge and Renew with Micki Duran October 7th Saturday 12:30 - 2:00pm

Join Micki Duran and assistants, for this transformative and rejuvenating restorative touch experience.

Micki will skillfully guide you into deep relaxation through carefully propped postures, ensuring that every student receives the soothing benefits of healing touch and reiki during the session.

A Joint Celebration of Life with Jay Averell October 21, Saturday 12:30pm -2:30pm All Levels

In this workshop we will look at the joints, how they function, and their movements.

We will examine all the joints, but specifically the shoulders and the hips as they have the most impact.

YOGA NIDRA EXPERIENCE with Emily Broms Saturday Nov 4th 12:30pm -2:00pm

Come for a deeply restful 90-minute Yoga Nidra Experience!

We will take time to move and warm the body, prepare our space and props for decompression, and melt into a deep, peaceful rest.

No previous experience needed. Please bring a journal to note your experience. As well as soft and cozy items you wish to rest with.

This will be a monthly practice at Rising Lotus Yoga.

Bring a journal, water, and cozy things!